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Great discount Mme Too faced Unicorn High-light Repair Fluid 12PC/LOT DQJtNe4u

  • Modèle : DQJtNe4u
  • 1880 Unités en stock


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Purchase description:
1. If the purchase amount reach or above 250 usd In our shop, we use the DHL or EMS to send the goods.
According to different countries, we will use different express delivery.
2. We support the mixed wholesale, purchase amount above 60 usd or purchase quantity above 20 pieces starting mixed wholesale.
Mixed wholesale refers to unlimited kinds of products and style, as long as the buyer purchase amount (or quantity) at or above the set amount (or quantity) can enjoy the wholesale price.
3. The total purchase amount reach 1500 usd or cumulative the purchase times at or above 5 times, can become our VIP customer.
VIP service: ultra-low discount, exclusive channel, fast delivery.

Delivery details
Question 1: When shipping ?
Answer: When you complete the transaction, and we have received your payment, we will be done within 2-3 working days send goods.
Question 2: How long does it take ?
Answer: Usually, DHL take 7 to 10 days, EMS take 7 to 15 working days, air mail take 15 to 35 working days.
Question 3: Use which Express delivery?
Answer: We use DHL, EMS or air mail.
The DHL official website:
The EMS official website:
Air mail official website:

Payment modes of international trade
1. Paypal
2. Western union
3. The bank transfer
4. Moneygram.